We offer a range of wedding packages that can be tailored to your special day. Explore our customisable packages below.

Turn a Vision into a Reality

Produce a wedding vision board with your colours, designs and style ideas, and we will also discuss current trends and styles. As well as gain a clear understanding of your likes and dislikes and ensuring this includes your personal story to reflect you as a couple. 

We will start the workshop by doing an ice breaker and each of us explaining what we would like to gain and learn about. There will be the opportunity to see other vision boards as examples and how theirs look.

Partial Wedding Planning

You have started planning your wedding, however you have come to a halt and not sure where to go next? AC Weddings & Events can help fill in the gaps and ensure your wedding is organised and looks like how you envisaged it to be. The package includes a range of different services from monthly meetings to bespoke wedding boards.

The Full Works

You have recently just got engaged and now its time to start planning your magical day. However you have no idea where to begin, worried as to how you will know whether you have the right supplier, too busy with your career, children and personal commitments or you live outside of Scotland and need help planning your wedding. 

AC Weddings & Events can take away this hassle for you, save money and ensure you keep to your budget as well as planning and organising the perfect day you have dreamed of. 

Let’s create your dream wedding, together!

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