“Turn a vision into a reality” Wedding Planning Package

Produce a wedding vision board with your colours, designs and style ideas. As well as gain a clear understanding of your likes and dislikes and ensuring this includes your personal story to reflect you as a couple.

We will start the workshop by doing an ice breaker and each of us explaining what we would like to gain and learn about. There will be the opportunity to see other vision boards as examples and how theirs look. We will do a short book reading or meditation to relieve ourselves from other stresses so we can enjoy the moment of planning your wedding day.

Every wedding is different and has its own unique style. Perhaps you have chosen exotic colours or have no entertainment during reception, this workshop is for you and your fiancé to start the planning of your wedding and ease the stress.


Now that you have a vision board after this workshop, what should you do next? Place by the board by your bed or in the kitchen where you can keep looking at it and feel that you are progressing each day with your wedding planning. Each of your boards should be split unto the different sections of your day, so you already have made a good start and can grow on each part as time goes by.

This is a great way for your bridal party and groom to meet altogether or your mother/in law to join you and share ideas, styles/themes you would like to use.

There will be hot refreshments and biscuits included.

Cost: £70 per person or £500 for 7 people (bridal private party).

Full payment required 2 weeks prior to event date. Maximum 10 people per works



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