The Guide to Helping the Groom Through the Wedding Planning Stage  

  • Know what they value, and what is important to them. 

Knowing their values will help determine what to chosen, where to choose and what to do which will be fun for the both of you.  

  • Set your budget together. 

Kate Siegel from Fine Events said “There is nothing worse than falling in love with a fabulous vendor or venues, to then realise it is out of your budget.”[%2Ffacebook]

  • Know how they operate. 

Find a planning method that works for you both. Whether it is making to-do lists, and checking off tasks or it is making calendar alerts. This will help to reduce pressure and frustration.  

  • Don’t neglect date night. 

Put the wedding planning books to the side and enjoy some quality time together taking about everything but the wedding. Don’t get too worked up in making the perfect day, enjoy the planning process and enjoy the time together.  

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